About US

Canon Medical Hospital is a level 4, 140 capacity bed hospital in the last stage of construction in Bungoma County. Our outreach programme aims to revolutionise traditional healthcare services in the region. Our mission is to establish a long lasting relationship with the local community as the true , ‘Partners in Health’.

Our facility is fitted with cutting edge technology and through our medical expertise we aim to modernize healthcare in the region.

Our outpatient Department is ready to commence operation. We are seeking qualified and experienced candidates to fill our open positions.

Open Positions

Our Out Patient Department is ready to commence operations. We are seeking to qualified and experienced candidates to fill in the below open positions.

Medical Officer

Provide safe and efficient clinical services for outpatient and inpatients.


Examining and talking to patients to diagnose their medical conditions

Laboratory Technician

Safely collect, transport and analyze specimens and blood samples.

Pharmaceutical Technologist

Provide quality, efficient and integral pharmacy services.


The Optometrist will report to the Branch Manager. The main responsibility for the optometrist will be performing eye examinations to check for vision problems and diseases. The optometrist will, based on the results prescribe or offer the appropriate advice to the patient while maintaining high standards of care.

Clinical Officer

To provide clinical services mainly in the outpatient and inpatient asrequired.

Medical Records Officer

Responsible for ensuring proper documentation, storage of documents and easy retrieval.


Provide leadership and ensure efficiency and quality radiographic services.

Community Oral Health Officer

Community oral Health officer.

Human Resource Officer

Responsible for all human resource activities such as recruitment, training,
performance management, discipline and conflict management.

Finance Officer In Charge

Ensure financial transactions are properly recorded and entered the accounting systems. Handling the budgeting process in liaison with the financial controller

Business Development Officer

Developing, implementing and overseeing the business development strategies
and tactics for growth.

Procurement Officer

Provide leadership and ensure efficient and cost-effective procurement

Hospital Administrator

Responsible for the daily operation of the Hospital by meeting with
various departments and ensuring the staff, facilities, schedules, and flow
of work is optimally carried out

IT Officer

Be responsible for monitoring and maintaining computer systems and hospital networks.

Customer Care and Receptionist

Provide pleasant, friendly, and efficient customer care services to internaland
external customers

Driver * Ambulance

Responsible for all human resource activities such as recruitment, training,
performance management, discipline and conflict management.

Security In charge

Assess security risks & prepare mitigation measures. Ensure security measures are adhered to and suspicious actions
reported and investigated promptly.

Facility Maintance

Schedule and supervise maintenance repair work and assist with checking installation and servicing building equipment

Caterer / Hotelier

Plan, prepare and serve meals in accordance with patient medical conditions while meeting their nutritional needs

House Keeping

Provide high standards, leadership and supervision of cleaning and laundry services.